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Many people have routines or recurring "attention sinks" in their lives that could benefit from a more systematic approach.

In many cases, people have situations or routines in their daily lives that aren't very thought through and could be streamlined and made more systematic. For example, someone might find themselves spending a lot of time coming up with various ad hoc plans with respect to preparing food, with this ultimately being a major time and attention sink; someone else might find that they keep having to do the same "busy work" tasks at work and wonder whether a more automated solution might exist.

By upgrading to a more streamlined and consistent process, one can potentially save a lot of time and attention while also ensuring that they implement a more efficient version of the process. In particular, CFAR recommends focusing on' 'freeing one's attention'' -- how can one make one's environment or way of interacting with it handle these things as cleanly and smoothly as possible? How can one make these problems take care of themselves?

Note that this doesn't mean "one system for everything' necessarily.


Develop a habit of setting up systems to conserve your attention and handle repeated tasks more efficiently.