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Remember Your Feet

... embodiment is precious. This technique is useful for Autonomic Nervous System Control.

People can be dissociated or ungrounded, which can go poorly.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, people will be dissociated from their bodies or ungrounded from the surrounding reality.

Valentine, who brought the technique into the CFAR space, notes:

The "remember your feet" trick came from an Enneagram Institute workshop I went to in April 2013. I don't think that matters for its epistemic status. It just feels meaningful to cite the source. It was a trick for getting people to stay in their bodies and be aware of the present moment.

Get into the experience of your feet—where do you sense pressure? Temperature? What can you feel with your skin? Can you sense the bones, and feel the tug and stretch of tendons as you wiggle and spread your toes? Once you are fully aware of your feet, let that awareness expand to include the rest of your body, bringing each new sensation in to a broad perspective rather than switching to focus on specific body parts.

Remember Your Feet is a way to be more embodied, and can be an interpersonal lever to help others be more embodied.


Remember your feet.