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(prereqs, context:)...this pattern gives an algorithm that uses a bunch of concepts developed earlier...felt senses, handles, system1 vs system2,

(general principle:) The integrated psyche is the best (most healthy, happy, productive). (or) Sometimes the psyche is disintegrated and that causes various problems

(narrate the problem:) Parts of your subconscious System 1 are storing up massive amounts of useful information that your conscious System 2 isn’t really able to access. There are things that you’re aware of “on some level,” data that you perceived but didn’t consciously process, competing goalsets that you’ve never explicitly articulated, and so on and so forth. But it’s not straightforward to access that useful information in the unconscious. What’s needed is a method for doing so.

(narrate the solution:) Focusing is a technique for bringing some of that data up into conscious awareness. The way this process works is by interfacing with your felt senses. The thing-in-your-thoughts that is producing the butterflies in your stomach, or the sudden tension in your shoulders, is built up of hundreds of tiny, interconnected thoughts and experiences and predictions that are very hard to sum up in words. A handle, on the other hand, is compressed. Yet a halde can nevertheless be more or less accurate. It can be a good fit for the felt sense—a true match. When there’s a match, this can be felt — and we call it resonance. (detailed description of the process) (caveats) Therefore...

(summarize pattern:) First, select something to bring into focus. Second, create space. Third, look for a handle. (...) (or) Use a trial and error system where your verbal system proposes hypotheses that either resonate or don’t with your somatic system in order to identify the semantic content of somatic sensations.

(downstream/sibling patterns:) useful for internal double crux X Y Z